About Dant Care

At Dant Care studio, we offer a consolidated and customized experience keeping the patient as the centre of any kind of dental treatment.
We believe that a strong doctor-patient relationship underlays the foundation of providing better health care to the patients or their family.

Our priority is to endue excellent service in comfortable environment with painless procedures.


Ours is the centre piloted by best dental specialists. Our advanced and modern technology enables us to provide you with better dental care in a highly sterile environment.

What we do

We endeavour to not only provide the best and bright smile but also educate our clients explicating the importance of oral health.
We are committed to our ethics and believe in advising the best for you as well as your dental health.

Numerous people feel ashamed, reprimanded, hurt or disappointed solely because they don’t feel good about their teeth and smile. We not only provide quality dentistry but we listen to our patients compassionately.

With sterilization as our priority, the clinic is a pleasant haven for all those who come to receive any kind of dental care or treatment. Additionally, all the patients receive undivided attention from our exceptional, experienced & diligent staff who take the utmost pride in their field of dentistry. Rest assured, while going through treatment at our clinic, you may relax in the dental chairs without any worry.  

With the latest equipment, we ensure that you go back with an accurate diagnosis & receive effective treatment. Our state-of-the-art Digital Intraoral Scanner System prevents messy impressions, increases accuracy that helps to reduce errors. Digital smile design is used to show the overall dental work to be done which ensures patient satisfaction. With a High-End generator technology, our Genoray PORT IV x-ray ensures safe exposure & repeatable image quality at all times.

Trusting us is your Choice, Proving you right is our Passion!

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