#Always brush your teeth before bed

Are you aware of the fact that tooth decay can start in just 20 minutes? As published by the American Dental Association, the oral bacteria which cause tooth decay can start spreading within a few minutes after finishing your meal. You are always advised to make sure that you brush your teeth before going to bed.

#Never neglect your tongue

People prioritize their tooth brushing and flossing routine without thinking once about the cleanliness of their tongue. Make sure that you use your toothbrush and tongue scraper to gently clean your tongue from back to front twice a day.

# Use mouthwash regularly

Mouthwash plays an important role in killing bacteria that can hide in the fissures of your mouth. Mouthwash can kill 99.9% of the germs that cause plaque, gingivitis and bad breath.

# Change brush once in 3 months

# Limiting the frequency of sugar intake

 Along with forming enamel-eating acids, sugar attracts the tiny bacteria that cause gingivitis and gum diseases. These diseases can cause your gums to recede away from your teeth and damage the protective tissues that hold your teeth into place.

# Discourage bad oral habits like digit/thumb/pencil sucking etc.

# Drink plenty of water

# Implement A vitamin–rich diet.

# Get your dental checkups done.     

Many studies have shown that untreated oral bacteria and gum diseases can lead to heart diseases, diabetic complications, and respiratory infections. Make sure to visit your dentist twice a year to avoid both oral and general health problems.